Short Film

Phonetime short film poster depicting a Mother and Wife sit at a dining table, staring out of frame

Phonetime is a dramatic short film set in the 1950s.

A transcendent tale of love following two separated lovers as they navigate the difficulties of their past and the possibilities of their future.

Peter has dependents and wants to hide away in the countryside with Jacob. Jacob is proud of who he is and doesn’t want a dead-end life, insisting Peter joins him where queer life is not prohibited.

Festival Circuit

Phonetime is currently showing at several film festivals around the world, including London Independent Film Festival and Golden Shorts in Italy and we were honoured to receive an award for Best Music & Sound Design at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Once the festival run is complete, Phonetime will be available online for viewing.

Cast and Crew

Actor Sam Hume headshot

Sam portrays the conflicted queer character with sensitivity and empathy.

Sam’s theatre background certainly helped quickly getting to grips with the blocking for this 8-minute one-take short film.

Headshot of Tom Ward-Thomas

Tom helps build the tension by bringing a sense of urgency with his performance. And his distinct voice builds the complete character even though we never see him.

Tom has a wealth of on-screen and stage experience including Killing Eve and Great Expectations, and is currently filming the lead role in Mail Man by Jess Johnson

Headshot of Jamie Melrose

Jamie offers a heart-wrenching performance as the wife of Peter.

Jamie has just completed shooting as Rebecca on independent psychosexual drama, British feature film ‘Sebastian’ and will also feature in new British horror feature ‘ Little Bone Lodge’ 2023.

Anya Sayadian's Headshot

Anya plays a wonderfully snooty mother-in-law with a goal of always outdoing her son’s wife!

Anya has tons of amazing credits to her name, and is currently seen in Series 3 of Ted Lasso.

Jordan’s background in theatre meant she was well-equipped to direct a long 8-minute developing shot and dealt with it like she would a stage show.

When transitioning into film, Jordan studied an MA in Directing Fiction at the National Film and Television school, where her first short film was nominated for Best UK Short at Raindance Film Festival.

Portrait of director Jordan Chandler

Even though Phonetime is a one-shot, Estef was able to incorporate some wonderfully compelling compositions which built the tension and aided the story.

Estef graduated NFTS with a masters in cinematography where she worked closely with Jordan on multiple collaborations. She has been a member of Apertura DOP since 2019 and was nominated for BSC Best Cinematography.

Portrait of Estefania Carpio holding a camera on her shoulder.

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Technical Info

  • Run Time - 8 mins
  • Genre - Drama
  • Production Year - 2023
  • Aspect Ratio - 2.39
  • Screening Formats - DCP, 4444
  • Audio - 5.1